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Vulcan Electric Chain Hoists


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Industry Leading Two Year Warranty
Large selection of lifting speeds Fixed or swivel suspension mount Low headroom lug Chain container Special humidity/acidity motor treatment Push-button control TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor for increased working time and motor protection Great degree of parts interchangeability (optional)

Robust Construction
The built-in safety is provided by the double-braking system: an electro mechanical disc brake and a unidirectional double worm gear drive. This non reversible worm gear drive provides positive load-braking permitting loads to be lowered only under motor power. The parts of this transmission are made of heat-treated steel, and the gears are made of a special aluminum bronze alloy offering high resistance to wear. The entire transmission case is sealed in high quality oil, ensuring optimal lubrication of all components.
The central structure of all Vulcan hoists is made of a steel casting designed to transmit lifting force in a straight line, thus ensuring optimum stress distribution. This also ensures good shock resistance, which increases durability and lifespan.
The load chain on Vulcan hoists is made of case-hardened and heat treated steel offering unparalleled wear resistance. The fact that the core of each link remains soft increases elasticity and resiliency, which is vital to any lifting application. Every chain link is inspected in the plant, and every production batch is documented.
All our 1/4- to 3 ton hooks are made of forged carbon steel, while those of 5 tons and over are made of forged alloy steel. All our hooks are equipped with safety latches in accordance with applicable standards.

Available Options
Chain container; Vinyl or steel
Push button control with emergency stop and alarm
Nema 4 push button control
Zinc plated chain and hook
Humidity/acidity motor treatment
Totally enclosed motor; with or without fan cooling
Overload protection
Synthetic oil for extreme temperatures
Tandem operation
Festooned power system
Roller chain, regular or stainless steel
Additional limit switch
Class F motor
Thermal overload protection
Lug type suspension



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